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The Lioness, commonly known for her beauty, poise, tenacity, conviction and grace, has a thick and rich history as a symbol of strength, power, fearlessness and dominance dating back to the late 1600's throughout the world. Alongside her male counterpart (the Lion), to this day, for different reasons, she is recognized as a leader, goddess and majesty in Egypt, Middle Eastern, Chinese Buddhist and Native American cultures.  She is, by right, the protector of her family and guardian to the ones she loves. And, with her boldness and charisma, she is magnetic, infectious and possesses the inherent ability to captivate audiences and the hearts of everyone she encounters.  


True to the Lionesses  symbolic characteristics, we are committed to and passionate about helping women forge a connection and symbolic relationship with her inner Lioness to realize her personal power, gumption, self control, self expression, pride and dignity.


The Lioness Lair is a private sanctuary of hope, strength, empowerment, truth and light for women of all colors, religions, and professional backgrounds. In the lair, we groom and help build strong women. We share our passions, find our purpose and  have deep discussion and share insights and perspectives on love, sex, pain, and power which will ultimately lead to success.  


Real talk, real discussion, real topics - The Lair is not for the faint at heart. Enter at your own Risk!

Coming Spring 2018
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