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The $200,000 Gift  

Join Us in the Movement to Empower Our Women!

Use Hashtag - #IMIN

I was given a vision that in order for women to heal, grow, develop and change, they need the support of not only other women but the MEN in their lives. It is important that men pour into their women, support their efforts to self heal and empower them to reach their full potential.


The birth of the $200K gift was born from my obedience to God to help men achieve the goal of uplifting their women by "gifting" her with the Book "Meet My Three Friends".  

As a result of his gift, the woman or women he has  chosen to gift will get the opportunity to be gifted up to $20K to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship, take care of children and family obligations or go back to school. 

We are calling on 20,000 men to purchase a copy of "Meet My Three Friends" for the woman in his life to give her a chance to be additionally gifted by Dr. Tamara Mangum.  

The Rules are simple: 

1.) Choose a woman or women who want to help develop and grow. Perhaps its a mother, sister, aunt, or close friend. 

2.) Purchase a copy (or copies) of "Meet My Three Friends" by clicking the link below. Be sure to include the woman's name, email address, your name and  

3.) Gift the woman/women you selected in #1 with a copy of "Meet My Three Friends.

4.) Optional but highly recommended: Post a picture of you gifting the book to the woman (women with the hashtag #IMIN to drtamaramangum facebook and instagram. 

Gifts will be announced January 2019

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