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"I'm not a Leader by Choice.... I was born this Way!", says Dr T.  Seeking advice from a professional coach will provide you with the motivation and empowerment you need to grow. "Not even three advanced degrees could have prepared me to walk in my life's purpose and do it successfully. I needed support. I needed a voice of reason. I needed direction." 

For the past two decades, Dr. Tamara Mangum has served as a mentor, advisor and coach to hundreds of individuals seeking to become successful entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Recognized as a leader on the authority of women’s leadership, empowerment, and business planning and success, Dr. T has been very successful at helping individuals turn their social and economic “Dreams into $Million Realities”.



Dr. T offers one on one coaching sessions to help you “Identify your Purpose, Passion and Power”, “Push through Pain”, and “Meet both Personal and Professional Milestones”. Dr. T will give you insight on how to effectively tap into the natural leader you are, break through personal barriers and provide you with a plan of action to deliver on your intended goals.


Dr. T’s coaching sessions will surely help you to unlock that power within, drive results and become the individual you have always wanted to be. By sharing lessons, experiences, challenges and successes, Dr. T will help guide your personal and professional journey.


There is no better time for ACTION than Now.   Stop allowing your life’s circumstances to put your dreams on hold. CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY BY GETTING CLARITY, FOCUS AND TAKING ACTION.

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