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Meet My

Three Friends

Purpose, Passion & Power

The concepts of Purpose, Passion and Power is difficult to holistically embrace. Personifying their characteristics allows women the opportunity to fully understand and embrace their relationships with the three.  The Woman's Guide to Following Passion, Surrendering to Purpose and Harnessing Power gives women strategies to reach personal self efficacy and professional success.




This book offers specific directions on how to live in and follow your passions, five steps for surrendering to your purpose and four concrete and simple ways to identify and explain ways to harness your Power.


Following your Passion is non-negotiable. Surrendering to your Purpose does not have to be painful. And, harnessing your Power is the benefit of being authentically you. Your desire for personal efficacy and professional success is within your reach. You can turn around your current situation and reach farther than you ever have before. Stop dreaming and start living the life that was destined for you. #dreamwithyoureyeswideopen   

Why you NEED this book!

Anthonette Young Bushrod 

“I’ve just finished reading “Meet My Three Friends Purpose, Power and Passion “ written by Dr. Tamara Mangum. This book has taken me on a roller coaster ride of self-examination, reflection and realization. Through her work, I have come face to face with my biggest critic, my loudest champion and my greatest asset - ME! By exposing her own experiences with how she recognized and followed her passion- I can now fully appreciate the effects my upbringing had in my own path towards peace and fulfillment. After recognizing the basis for our passions, Dr. Mangum helps her readers to move into a deeper sense of self in discovering the truth of one’s purpose. From her, we learn to be mindful, thoughtful and yes, purposeful in our pursuits. Purpose adds deliberation and some much needed balance, but as Dr. Mangum soon reveals - the ultimate result is power! Power enables us to utilize our inner grit to bring positive outcomes.  Coming from humble beginnings, I am now armed with such self-awareness that i’m more motivated and focused than ever before. I highly recommend this thorough example of self-actualization for any woman who is seeking purpose, filled with passion and is open to harnessing their own power.”

Franchesca Baker-Thompson

Meet - our newest Meet My Three Friends comrade! She is the founder of My Inventors Club which is a nonprofit organization based in the Atlanta area. She has spent the majority of her career in the K-8 educational field. She is currently pouring into the youth by having them build our future by focusing on robotics, working with drones, and even building a Green City (just to name a few). They are the future entrepreneurs. Through her youth camp, the kids have won several competitions with their inventions and they are currently competing on a national level. She is teaching them how to problem solve and develop solutions for the world starting at 5 years old. The kids are able to pitch their inventions when competing as well as in the camp like Shark Tank. She is always looking for volunteers to assist her and to share their Industry experiences.

Linda Dennis-Moore, EdD (ABD)!

Another Meet My Three Friends taker!!!! She is a mother of 4 and have 3 Beautiful Grands. She is tapping into the Entrepreneurial arena as an Author of her own novels, ghostwriter as well as President of her own company. Her goal for Meet My Three friends is to get in the mindset of balancing it all with success.

Artra Johnson

Artra Johnson received her graduate degree in 2016. Her goal is to tap into Higher Education. She went through some life challenges so reading, "Meet My Three Friends" goal is to give her focus. When she heard about Dr. Mangum's story she realized it's still possible.

Alexis Phillips

Hello , I am an young professional working as a Leasing Specialist at “YOO on the Park” Luxury Apartments in Atlanta (Midtown) Ga. However , my current role will not be the end of me. “Meet My Three Friends -Purpose, Passion & Power” continues to bring out my inner grit , drive and determination as I strive towards my personal entrepreneurial aspirations. My goal is to invest into owning my very own Boutique Salon. This salon will be a 1 stop shop consisting of body Waxing , body massages , Eye lashes , hair stylist, nails and more all under one roof. We ALL have a purpose but passion helps FIND that purpose , now that I UNDERSTAND my purpose I have Power!

Thank you so much Dr.Tamara Mangum and to my husband Rashaun Phillips for presenting this amazing novel to me.

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