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Neutralize the Pain


Don't Stop Pushing. "Pain is an Indication that Birth is Near" - Bishop TD Jakes! 


Similar to that of a natural and physical birth process, giving birth to visions and dreams is much like the process of birthing life. Many spend years with "un-birthed" visions and dreams. They are consumed with everything and everyone around them that they can't seem to make room or take the necessary steps to start pushing in order to give birth to the babies growing inside of them. But for some, that story is quite different. They simply just refuse to push because the pain associated with the birthing process is so severe. Well, I'm here to tell you that regardless of the pain in the deliverance process, there are mechanisms and strategies that you can use to neutralize that pain and have a health birth.

Stop pre-term birth or No BIRTH!  In this seminar, Dr. T gives you 7 Neutralizing Techniques to offset the pain associated with birthing your visions and dreams. Don't let them remain unsettled or abort your dreams before they are even born.   

Looking Out to the Lake

Ready to Attend a "Don't Abort Your Baby...Neutralize the Pain Seminar"? Don't forget to get your T-Shirt to proudly wear! As our gift to you, those who register for an upcoming seminar, will receive a FREE shirt!

 Bishop TD Jakes

“Let the Vision Come From What

God Has Taken You Through”

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